Please can someone help me on this problem, Internet explorer and Firefox don’t show my new building site the same way, a Internet explorer messes up the whole thing, can someone tell me with the tag code that I can use to eliminate this problem as I build my site with Notepad.thanks for help.

Samson Jerry

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Did you already have used a HTML validator?
Can you please show your code here so we can help you

Can you show the site / code? It might be that you ran into a bug in IE, or there might be a problem with your code.
Edit: oops, too late :)

You already started one thread for the same issue and in neither one do you show ANY code or a link to your site in question. We're not psychic!

But as a start, do you have a valid document type declared in the first line of your page? Is your code valid? As already suggested, use the validator to show you your coding errors. Other than that, without something to show us, we cant help.

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