Who can help me out?.
First of all I’m completely new here and also CSS is brand new for me.
But if you can do it…. I can also only a matter of time my grandpa told me .

What is my plan:
I want to make a website template with the navigation menu buttons on top. Maybe also a sub-menu.
In the middle a sort of “CONTAINER” (I hope you know what I mean) with a thin scrollbar in color. Background transparent.(look a the example website below)
When possible I want to import an HTML page into this container.
Easy to write text and positioning photo’s for me.
If you have a better plan please let me know.

The background must be FIXED. I have an image and this image is colored black on the outsides.
This all (Navigation-menu, Background and container) must be keep the same position and size in every browser.
With HTML I have made a sort of example you will find at: http://www.poverino.nl/www.poverino.nl/index.htm
I have done this with a Iframe. Transparent so you keep see the background image.
Also it is my wish on every page a few small buttons or image with: “Print Page” – “Send to friend” and “Bookmark”
I need to see an example so I work the rest out myself.

Who want to make time free and help me out.
I now how to import a menu.
When I have one example of several needed pages with the code I can work it out myself.
If you have any question or you don’t understand what I mean please let me now.
Thanks in advanced
Greetings Mike

Greetings, GOD BLESS and have a nice day
Mike van de Beek


Let's take this one step at a time. Have you tried to create this layout with CSS? If so, what couldn't you get to work?


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