I am debating weather to do my logo myself and risk looking unprofessional or getting someone who can clean up my sketch and make it look like a professional logo. Will a graphic designer take credit for my sketch and is it for it for me. Please help me decide. P.S. I am not a credit whore lmao.

If you pay someone to do it you could write up a contract that ensures copyright stays with yourself, there are people who will be happy to do that for a one-off fee.

If you do it yourself and post it, there might be people who'll tell you whether it's crap or not, and give you advice on improving it.

commented: Honest down to the point and easy to understand thanks. +1

Thanks for your reply it was the exact answer I needed everything I needed to know.

In all reality, if you pay a designer to "paint" your logo for you from a sketch, the copyright is still yours, however, they can, and likely will, take credit for the coloring, and any other work outside of your sketch. I know that I personally would take credit for doing the color design, while being sure to give the 'line art' or original sketch credit to the respective artist.

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Thank you for answering my question it I didn't know that part. I have since finished my logo and will submit a new trend on vector and would appreciate your insight. Thanks again.

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