Hello, this is my first forum post ever so please be gentle.

I have a hidden menu (div) which is revealed once you click a img button. The magic is done with js command like style.display='block'.

Problem: The height of the page(stage) is 700px and the menu is 1000px, so when the menu is revealed, I see it just partially, because the scroll bar doesn't re-adjust for the 1000px.

If you want to see it by yourself you can please try: http://www.paulopretti.com/mobile/menuCliente.php?cl=ACB (Please click on MENU and than CLIENTES)

Any Clue how to fix this issue? Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I fixed this changing the hidden div css from position:fixed to position:absolute. This way the scroll grows dinamically. Great stuff, closed case!

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