Up until now, I have used "unlimited" shared server space and have been able to serve out whatever MP4, .OGV, and WEBM files Miro video converter spat out without a problem.

Now, I have invested in a virtual dedicated sever with better support/higher uptime/better transfer rate, and have to be more mindful of bandwidth.

That being said, a three and a half minute .ogv file can turn out to be over thirty megs. This is no good for someone who wants to serve out lots of HTML5 video to lots of people.

Are there any applications that offer more fine-grained HTML5 video compression? Miro video converter outputs very high quality files, but they are too large for someone who is going to be serving multiple videos several times a day.

I am not opposed to any command-line/GUIless solutions.

Thanks in advance. :]

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