Hi all,

Not sure if this is something that is possible or not but what i'm looking for is as follows.......

I have an excel sheet of football league tables. The sheet automatically updates when I enter in results
I'm looking for a way (prefibally in HTML as i'm fairly familiar with it) of transfering the table to a web page?

Is there someway of uploading the excel sheet and then linking the contents of each cell in HTML to the corresponding cell in Excel?

There's a few reasons I don't want to just put up the excel sheet up for download.
I'd rather not have it public
It's very big so it would be hassle for people to have to download it everytime they want to do look at it!

I'm sure there must be a way of linking cell A1 in Excel to a corresponding cell in a HTML table, but my searches on-line haven't found anything yet! Maybe (hopefully) i'm just searching under the wrong keywords!

Hopefully someone here can help though!

I hope that all makes sense,

Thanks in advance for your help,


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When you say link the HTML cell with the excel cell, it's sounds to me that each change at the HTML will reflect in the excel, and vice-versa.

But what I understood is that you just want to show your excel as an HTML table. Am I right?

Yea thats right.
The Excel sheet is the one that will update when I put in results etc. I want these changes to show on a HTML league table!

Please, if you got your anwser mark as solved.


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