Hi im 14 and am getting into web development mainly because my dad does it and i think its really cool what you can do with html5 and CSS and javascript, i want to make somthing not to complicated but somthing cool that would show my dad that i can do this kind of stuff too do you have any ideas of what i could do ? it would be really cool if i could further somthing i could do to make money off of it :) thank you in advance for the answers !!

If you really, truely want to learn this stuff, start by learning HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Once you feel you have a good handle on this stuff (Should take about a year to feel comfortable), then start thinking about doing some server side stuff (PHP or ASP.Net). This should take you about a year or 2 to get a good grasp. After that, learn SQL (MySQL, MSSQL...). Along the way learn how to use a photo editor (PhotoShop, GIMP, Paint.Net).

DO NOT use dreamweaver or frontpage (or any other editor that does the coding for you). This will not make you a better developer, if anything it makes you weaker as you won't fully understand what is going on.

So, basically Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Server Side language (PHP, .Net), SQL and photo editing software.

Now for my biggest advise, UNDERSTAND WHY SOMETHING DOES SOMETHING. Meaning, if you do something and it works, but you don't know why it works, find out. Same applies to if you do something and it gets screwed up.

This should keep you busy for the next several years.

As far as ideas there are more than either of could count. However, ideas are useless if you cannot actually implement any of them. Start by learning the basics, HTML and CSS, then move into the more complex high-level languages.

A few places to start at: Google, Mozilla, HTML Dog , and W3C.