Ok I have a site up and running that was created with Frontpage. After reading everything from the gurus I should look into using Dreamweaver MX. first can i just open the page on the net and edit with Dreamweaver or do I need to completely redo the site and upload all over ?. Also are there any certain things that need to be running on the server side to use Dreamweaver ? When I first started I had to make sure the host had Frontpage extensions loaded. Once again Thanks in advance.

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all you need is to edit the html files in dreamweaver as you would in frontpage. I find dreamweaver easier because i can just transfer files between all the other macromedia products(i.e Flash, fireworks, and director) with a click of a button.
If you don't want to constantly upload files to your site then you should try macromedia contribute all you need is an ftp account for your site and then you connect to that goto the page click edit and then it is as easy as typing in word. then when your done just click publish and it sends all the new data back to your site.

DreamWeaver is pick when it comes to "not setting up the site" in Dreamweaver properly.

I woul FTP all the files and folders on your web server, put them into a directory you want Dreamweaver to see them in, and start DW. Begin by defining your site, point to the directory, add your ftp info ald whalla. lder versions of DW used to not see the site and all the subsuquent pages until you started editing a few pages. Once I would open edit and save my files in the DW WYSIWYG it woul then magically see the rest of the site and build its internal refrences to the site.

Just remember, define your site firstt hging when using DW.

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