I have a CSS Navigation but I need help in adding a "delay" on the sub-navigation, and I'd like the rollover image to "stay" when one is using the sub-navigation.

here's my website: http://www.e-squareddesigns.com

Unfortunately, I am completely CLUELESS when it comes to javascript, so any input would help... thanks!

My guess is you have an error in the way you set up the menu. The list shouldn't disappear as you move the mouse down. Check the distance between the main menu and the pop up menu. You probably have a slight gap of a pixel or two and as the mouse moves into that gap the menu disappears because you are no longer hovering over it.
You don't need to build in a delay for that, you just need to tweak the CSS and find the error.

Can you clarify your question? Are you saying that you'd like the image change in the center to be more of a fade instead of the instant change?