Do you guys know if there's a module out there that can translate on server side ? HTML, PHP, JS or whateva (i'm even ready to try JSP)

because i'm working on my company site and it's in french, but half my customers are english. last site i did translate every pages, but it's very long and doubles the number of pages on the server.

i know there's a client side translator, but i have no control if the client click translate or not.



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depends on what you want: you might want to take a look at i18n.

YES exactly what i was looking for, but they mentioned mostly application, but i'm sure i can adapt the concept to the web also. Doesn't matter if i get a text format for both languages at least i won't double the pages on my server.

I've check on my side and fund a couple of php scripts and the translating google API, which are not reliable. Why ? because they translate word by word and at the end the sentence doesn't make any sense.

but thx buddy, i'll see what i can do with that concept.



all of the webapplications I've worked on (professionally) so far used i18n, so finding that won't be too difficult, I assume.

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