Hi everyone,

Our company has recently made a decision to turn our existing website into an entirely Wordpress format. We have a lot of pages that are regularly updated and have dynamic content such as videos, blogs, promos, network status updates etc.

I'd love to know your expert opinion on using Wordpress for a corporate site.
What are the pros and cons?

We appreciate any advice or discussion on the topic!

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Personally I think WordPress is the way to go! Updating content and adding new pages is a breeze. Embedding videos and media is easy with al of plugins that exists as well as the WordPress built in features. You even get a built in blog (perfect for your status updates).

Since, I am a website design myself here are just a few of the recent sites I have completed that can show you how powerful it is. GH Clark,
Maryland Country Caterers, and Maryland Crime Vicitims Resource Center.

By the way, for more information about wordpress you can visit my company site, [snipped] . I am not trying to sell you on my services I am just trying to provide you with more information.

If you have any questions please let me know.


Now wordpress is much more than just a blogging platform, and you can make about any website you have in mind with it. Based on this, many corporates start to using wordpress.It is good choice to go with WordPress web development.


I'm now starting to use wordpress to create my web site. I was using vBulletin, but I'm starting to regret that because of its complexity, lack of documentation (for newbe like me), and lack of tech support on their web site. There is a bbPress forums plugin for WordPress but I have not used that much yet. So far, WordPress seems to be fairly easy to create and maintain web sites. I'm still pretty new at this so my opinion at the moment might not mean a whole lot.

Wordpress is a very good cms that can be changed with css or write your pages it has menu customization already build in and you can make it look like a mvc site .
The best part about wordpress is that you have support for all major social sites and lot of plugins that will enhance your content and make it look really good.
You can even add javascript to certain pages.
Overall wordpress is a good option if you don't want to code a website yourself and on the other hand it can be a blog or a static page or even both.

I value WordPress for its exceptional flexibility. It's easy to use and deploy and can support various subdomains. There is a wealth of software extensions in the Plugins Directory for just about any possible functionality (even more alternatives to each). And a lot of themes are available. Now, for a company's website, it will be probably necessary to perform torough customization on the theme, maybe even create it from scratch, which will take some coding but can lead to wonderful results.

Wordpress is an excellent tool that only keeps getting better and better. I have been to more than one well known high traffic site that was entirely WordPress based. I didn't even notice until the sign in screen looked too familiar.
I recommend it. The plugins, themes and ever increasing options will give you plenty of room to grow, change and easily add new features.

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