I have a simple link on a page to an mp3 file. We don't want anthing complicated, just the sound file to start playing/streaming. I have tested this in IE8, FF, Opera, Saf and Chrome in which it streams, opening a default player.

However, in IE7 I get a script error, even when I link straight through like this http://www.brigadierfreechurch.org.uk/images/stories/brigImages/talks/storytellerStrings.mp3

Also it says "Downloading from site..." for ages, not opening a player - whereas all the others opened a player immediately.

I wonder if anyone can see anything that I am doing wrong, or perhaps try it in IE 7 for me?

Thanks in advance

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Perhaps your problem is from your browser configuration.
I tested it with my Iexplorer 7 and its working.

Great - thanks very much - I suspect its something to do with my browser (its old, and the pc is tired!!!)

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