Hi People....

I've got some issues with the front-end.

Everything works fine in chrome and firefox, issue is with IE8

What I wanted was help in conditional statements for IE.....

Is there any possible way to display 2 different contents in a page for IE and other browsers.

I mean I've got an image slider which works fine in chrome and firfox. What I want is, chrome and firefox should display this slider.

But in case of IE I wanna put a static image in place of that slider which should be visible for only IE browsers. No sliders are to be displayed in IE

I used this code:

<!--[if !IE]><![IGNORE[--><![IGNORE[]]>


and IE8 ignores whatever is inside this conditional statement but other browsers display the content.

I want a similar code so that other browsers ignore the content and only IE browsers display it.


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I got solution for this:

These conditional statements fix the issue.............

Only IE browser will display this and other browsers will ignore..........

<!--[if IE]>

Some Content


IE will ignore while other browsers will display this.

<!--[if !IE]><![IGNORE[--><![IGNORE[]]>

Some Content


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