10 CSS layout Templates for you to practice or use in your project.
Click the link to download them all.

By: www.ex-designz.net

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They are handy, any idea on what the copyright is>:

thanx alot

Cool thanks. I watched the Lynda.com tutorials on CSS2 this weekend and they where quite good. I started moving my some of my sites away from tables and using div for the layouts. I will run through these aswell.

They are handy, any idea on what the copyright is>:

All the templates are free under Creative Common license. You, reproduce,redistribute them, or use in any project you want as long as you give proper credit to the author such as link back to their website.

Dexter zafra

Good! I would like to create a table-less website too...


thats cool.....


Thanks a lot. I need this.

And thanks for the website address too. Lots of ideas. Lots of templates. I'm downloading templates like crazy. :)

Thanks this is a brilliant site! I am also new to tableless sites!

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