I have an apache server running on Ubuntu server and I've plugged all my external hard disks to it and mounted them so I can access my files using apache file and folder listing.

It's good enough for browsing through files and folders, but it's not efficient because I can't modify files, move them, remove them or more importantly search for specific files.

Is there something like dropbox file manager that's an open source package that can provide efficient, yet stable file manager for my apache server?

I find dirList 0.3.0 very useful. I don't know if it has search capability, but the code is pretty straightforward, perhaps you can add the search to it.

Thank you so much.

It looks great. Let me take a look at it and will see it fits into what I need.

Thanks so much.

dirList 0.3.0

I looked at some other options and only one I found was this one.


But still is not what I'm looking for since each time I click on a link, it tries to download it instead of using the browser's default program to open it. I'm going to have to dig deeper in it to see if I can somehow modify it to act as I want.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

Is there a reason you cannot use FTP?