Hi People.........

I've got some weird issue....

I have 2 sliders... one is a timeline...with previous and next links... when I click next link the new contents gets displayed and the older content gets slided to left...

Another slider is having a set of images which just slide... when I click on any particular image, its gets expanded (I mean some sort of overlay effect). Now at this point of time my url changes, some sort of id value gets passed in the url.

And now when I try to click on Previous and Next links of the above slider, they just don't work.... I mean they do work when the url is proper(with no id being passed or displayed i url)

I hope I'm clear with my query...

Thing is that I want to know, how to avoid the id of the image being getting passed in the url when I click on that image in the slider.

Its like say, the url is

and after clicking the image of the below slider, the url turns as...!/-1/

how to avoid that #!/-1/ being getting passed in url.

Thanx for any reply.


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You need to focus on the code that executes when you click on the image. Look for an "onclick" event, or if this is written in asp.net, look for an event in the script code section, or code behind.

This sounds like where the link URL is being created.


Thanx Jorge for your reply.... I removed the code where the id was getting passed... but still the prev and next buttons won't work of the top slider.... It works before I click any image from the below slider...


Ok, the next step is to figure out how the prev/next links are getting assigned the src URL information. have you checked your server side scripting code (php, asp.net, asp, etc...)?


I'm passing id prev and next for both the links...

Its like.........

<a href="#" id="next">+</a>
<a href="#" id="prev">-</a>

these ids are read in jquery.timelinr-0.9.5.js file...

I found that prev and next variables are also present in my second slider files.... Is it clashing with that...?

I renamed those things as prevslide and nextslide... in all places, ........my .js files, .php file and css file also....

But still it doesn't make any difference......

The timeline slider links (previous and Next ) Start working once i refresh the page.... but i wanted to it to be functional without page refresh... I mean I can't tell the user to refresh every time to make it work....

Thanx for your reply Jorge and drjohn.......

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