i have no programming experience so if someone could point me in the right direction, that would be amazing.
im using python and extracting image link from a website. with all these image links, i would like to create something similar to this (⋙http://imgur.com/gallery✗) ie: display all the images in a grid, crop them accordingly like imgur, and in addition to the endless scroll, the user has the ability to select what page number.

I dont know what i need to do to make a html website and interact with the list of img links i have. i am very confused :/

with any type of web development, you need to have a solid foundation in HTML, in my opinion. Even if you were to use web dev studios to build your pages, you always find the need to tweak and customize your code. Aside from HTML, knowing how to take advantage of CSS is critical if you want to build pages that will be easy to manage and have a reduced amount of code so that pages can load faster.

A good place to start is with HTML tutorials. Many books and online sites to help you. With regard to actual programming, you'll need some server side scripting language to pick. The most common in the web tech area is PHP and ASP.NET, although there are many others out there.

The project you are working on shouldnt be too difficult once you start developing your skills. This may seem like a hugh task, but if you take it once step at a time, you'll be able to do it.

You also need to consider where you are going to host this website. There are many hosting companies out there, most that provide linux hosting, but there are quite of bit that do both linux and windows. you'll need to shop around.

i have a list of imgs that i scraped using python. (ie: imgur links). I would like to recreate something like the imgur gallery. someone suggested that i need to create a database (using mysql?)

where do i copy and paste this list? I installed xampp and went into phpMyadmin. I'm looking at tutorials of people creating databases, but i only see people creating ... database names? im not sure where to go from there. people seem to be using php to pull up the database names but ... im not sure how this is relevant to what i am doing. (maybe in that same php code, i copy and paste the image links?)