we have a new team in odesk and we are web developer team but we are confused about our team web site developmet. please see our site and give us a suggetions about our site. and you can see our odesk profile team.

odesk profile

thanks all

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No offense but you need some web 2.0 design patterns and some amaizing css

Hmm, You don't have your content, you must work harder, as dany12 says web 2.0, better design, better SEO... You need menu to!
Note: When you presenting your web development / web design company you need to have a clean page with some clean professional effects like some jQuery effects are. Throughout the your company site you have to manifest your professionalism and creativity.

I have been a wordpress developer and based on my opinion, the first impression when I saw the pages is: this is blog-style page, not suitable for business showcase. Moreover, I think you can try to develop your own themes based in selve-designed template for more complex content.

First, done the template in pure html, then convert it to joomla template by changing the contents' area to the variable used by joomla.

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