I am trying to figure out how to print a .pdf from my web page without saving it first.
On one of my web pages I have a link that load a .pdf (a free downloadable coloring page for kids)
When I click on the link on my page "Click here for free easter coloring page" the .pdf image loads fine.
However, the problem occurs when I try to print it.
When I click on print a message pops up asking me to save the image. There is no way that this image will print for me.
What am I missing in my html code that prevents for successful printing of this image. I want to make it as user-friendly as possible.
The link to my page is:
Open it up and view source to see what I need to add for html text to make this work for me.
Looking forward to your response.

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The browser plug-in should show a pdf option bar on the pdf itself (bottom, centre) when the mouse is over it, and that includes a print option. Not all browsers do this however. Chrome does, and allows printing from the normal print menu, as does IE9 and IE8. Firefox shows the pdf menu but my copy didn't want to open the browser print option.


Printing a web page to a PDF is very easy with doPDF. Just open the web page in your browser and select the Print option (File->Print... or pressing "Ctrl+P"). If you didn’t set doPDF as your default printer when you installed it, in the Print option you can find it.

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