I need a help?
I m designing a webpage. I have used <div>s everywhere, from header to footer, moreover I have used relative positioning with top and right tag. Somewhere top value has gone -1200 and so. At last I m left with about 800px of useless area below the footer and I don't want that. I looks very disgusting.Is there anyway of removing those whitespaces or stopping scroll below the footer block????

I there anyone for rescue??
HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's really hard for me to wrap my mind around what you're describing. Can you please either link to your page, or provide the full HTML and CSS?

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yeah right can you post your code so that we can try to trace the errors....?

Hi tabj,

For better and clear solution to your query - you have to explain it clearly for that it will be easy to answer it.

Do what Dani says - i.e, mention short of code where you have a problem? or a link for a web page.

I think the main problem is that the content is long enough and there will be a white space below the footer. Normally we have our footer div set to absolute position and bottom:0 in the case.

Thanks everyone for ur reply. Mine problem is solved. Mine problem was that i had used relative positioning everywhere, and thats why I was left with lots of blank spaces at the bottom of my webpage. I rearrange my contents with absolute positioning and now it is working properly.
Again thanks everyone for their precious reply. Next time if I will have any problem then I will try my best to describe the problem clearly and completely.

Please do mark the thread as 'solved' if the problem have been resolve.

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