I have a logo on my page that won't become a link... Can someone help me...
I don't want to post the link to my page but I will send you the link...


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send me the link....

This issue is on every page and i sent you the link

the link doesn't matter. it's the code you should be showing.

Have you double check the link structure? It should be something similar to this:
<a class="logo" href="http://www.google.com"><img src="logo.png"/></a>

I think your link is not correct. You have to take help w3school for correction of your link.

in your div logo...

at the end of your img src code just add an end tag.... because in your code you forgot to have an end tag of it... try it ^_^

Your anchor (link) is formatted OK (just copy the code to a blank page and you will see that it works fine) and the image element should have a "/" before the close of the element, but that is not the problem here.

I took a quick look with my browser's developer tools and found that for some reason your anchor "<a>" element for this particular link is styled with a width of 180px and height of 15px.

I dont have time at the moment to go through your Styles to see if you are placing this element behind the div or something similar, but that is what I suspect your problem is.

Wow thanks you guys for contributing!

JorgeM, I tried out the solution but I don't see a change... I placed the closing but the logo is still unclickable... are you able to tell me which css element was at 15px?

I haven t had a chance to look deeper, but I can tell you when I was using the built in dev tools in the browser, when I clicked on the anchor tag in te source, those where the properties shown o the screen. It didn't look right. If you copy the code on its own page, it works fine. This appears to be a styling problem.

Can you tell me which styling of mine is causing this flaw...?

Ok so it appears to me that you have two divs one on top of each other (Header and logo). the problem that I see if that your header is placed over (z-index) the logo div.

#Header {
width: 1000px;
height: 83px;
margin: 0 auto;
position: absolute;
z-index: 500;

Sorry for my extremely late response...

I tried adjusting the z-index's... but it doesn't work... (so i set it back to what it used to be until i can fix this flaw)

But what i do get though is a hover, but only in a small portion of the logo

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