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I have a client for which I have built a site however they have an old domain which is being forwarded to the new domain. However there are listings for the old domain which contained pages which do not exist on the new site so page not found errors are occuring quite frequently. Is there any way I can point all these old page listing to the new site home page?

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Yes... many of the web host providers offer this type of redirection in their hosting package. However, this approach is not very SEO friendly. Their page ranks for each URL indexed will begin to go down. Its not usually the recommended approach, but if it is the only option, it is better than showing the user (or a search engine crawler) a 404 error.

For a more fine tuned redirection...for php, you would use .htaccess, and for, the URLRewrite module.

Sorry, i have experience with IIS/URLRewriteModule. I am confident that someone else in this forum will be able to advise on rule writing in .htaccess.

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