need your help please

how to add bgcolor to iframe?

here my code
<IFRAME scrolling=no SRC="" NAME="Ad" frameborder="0"></IFRAME>

Try this;
<IFRAME scrolling=no SRC="" NAME="Ad" frameborder="0" style="background-color: #000000"></IFRAME>

If the black background doesn't work in iframe then I suggest you put bgcolor="#000000" in view_ad.php. It'll work.


it work for firefox but not IE.
any more ideas?

In the 'view_ad.php' file you are calling into the IFRAME, you need to define the background color. You can do this a myriad, perhaps the easiest would be to ensure that the body tag has a BG Color tied to it. Ideally you would use CSS to make this happen. Regardless simplest way would be to add the following to 'view_ad.php':

<body bgcolor="#000000">

However, CSS SHOULD be used, but this will let you know if it's going to be the fix. Let us know what happens.

i don't have control to make change the "view_ad.php"

do you how to use transparency?

thanks for the help

Yes you have control to make the change view_ad.php? - Open view_ad.php and put bgcolor we explained to you already. Or find the file where you can put bgcolor, look at the path filenames inside the view_ad.php

If you still have problem, I suggest you post at phpadsnew forum.

transparency is background-color: transparent" or you need javascript transparent but no needed.


Like others before me said, u have to add the followin code into your PHP file, is the only way yo make it work.Styles in Iframe don't work in Internet Explorer, even in version 7. Transparency isn't an optioon.
So, in php file, put this:
<body bgcolor="#000000">
You have to close the <?PHP before you put the HTML command <body> and reopen it for the rest of the script.You may also put it at the enc, after ?> (I tryed just the first option and it works like a charm in any Internet explorer).
See ya.

@mr sup HI IT work!!! but i need that bg color change automatically, without THE BUTTON. I TRIED WITH CSS STYLE BUT IT DOESN'T WORK IN IE

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