I am a web designer and I wanted some tips in the following area:
Until now, I only built websites using dreamweaver, without any cms platform. If I want my client to be able to edit the site on their own, after I finish building the site, I know I need to use a CMS platform to build the site with, right?
My question is, what is better for me to use, Wordpress or Joomla? (I'm quite unfamiliar with both, and I would have to teach it to myself) Or is there any better cms platform out there?
Thanks for any help!!

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You can check which one better suits your needs.

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Thanks. Do you know if wordpress allows you to download their software without having a host and remote site? (for learning the software... I dont want to have to pay a hosting company if I am not up to putting my files remotely anyways...)

You must use Wordpress CMS. This cms is mush better then Joomla.

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