I'm working on a website project. I formerly designed and coded it on the mac. Everything was displaying and fucntioning correctly. When i tried loading my project through the pc, the pictures and headers are not showing up anymore. Plus the php codes are displaying on the page.

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the pictures and headers are not showing up anymore.

Check the path to the images in your HTML code. They may not be pointing to the correct location. Feel free to post some of your revalent code and the structure of the directory.

Plus the php codes are displaying on the page.

If you are coding in PHP, the web server that you upload your web site to has to support PHP, otherwise, the web server will treat the PHP code as text and simply display it back to the browser as text.

Not every browser/computer is the same...

JorgeM solution is one of the easiest solutions to follow :)

I tried everything, but my codes are still showing up on the screen. I'm using the WAMP Server on windows and MAMP Sever on the Mac. Which codes should i display for y'all? I have several pages.

I managed sorting out the display of codes. JorgeM was right that my server doesn't support it. I downloaded the AMPPS Server and the pages are working perfectly. Still facing the problem of displaying the pictures.

Do you have this site online so we can take a look? If so, provide the URL.

Ok with regard to your images, it is most likely a problem with your srv attribute for the Img element. Post a sample of one of your image elements.

do you have the images in a seperate folder if so make sure that you are pointing to that folder

Make sure you declare a doctype, and check to see if the tags are all there. Sometimes you will forget an end tag, and some browsers/computers will automatically put one in there, and then some won't

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