i want to allow a user to either preview or edit a letter (http://sel2in.com/prjs/uandsanta/v/v2t/)
the user can choose if they want to go with a template (no editing the letter directly then) or a custom letter (can edit)
I can use
1. text area
2. div to read template - text area to edit
3. div to read and edit (use contentEditable)
4. iframe to read - text area to edit
5. iframe to read and div to edit

text area is good for plain text only(as far as i know) so should i use another combination?

Want to know the best UI that you would opt for , please comment. thank you

FYI the site is for a parent to customize a letter that gets sent by post; as if from Santa; to the child.


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justy wanted opionions not done this and was going with iframes when someone else suggested no divs better
will have to read the source files using AJAX and chance the div contentes. with iframe just had to change the iframes src attribute as its now at http://santaletternow.com/

* well its a little bit more programming this way but ok
div to read template - text area to edit
Ty :)

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