I know website with MSword -pretty simple...I need to create website like cnn.com-newsletter type.I tried the
simpliest way- just creating single web page per each document,and hmm,it works, but when you start editing html
, some of the pages can't be edited,because- all stuff wiped out only some buttons left. I know it's possible to
create with frames.How to do frames- i tried and didn't work-only the left corner is framed, but still not
convinced it's a frame.Tried to find from "all commands ",but...Really i need some tips, and how to use
frames.Have no clue -how to use it....And creating single pages and after what converting into html- changes
style of letters, everything mest up...I heard something to do with ,,tempelate",also have no clue -how to do
what- know how to do tempelate.P.S no Html codding for this job needed- it's simple hyperlink per html doc based
newsletter.(MS 2007)
So please...any suggestions?

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Are you sure you can't use an IDE for this: as something vaguely like cnn.com provides a lot of problems for something like office. Word is by no means designed nor capable of working with html pages. Maybe try something like NVU which is a simple IDE that works nicely for non html users like yourself...

I would highly suggest using this route if you want to build a half decent project

If you going to use a non-IDE environment for developing web pages, I would suggest that you do not use Word, just use Notepad. Creating web pages with Word will add all sorts of additional content which will just complicate your development.

It sounds like you may need some additional help with regard to web development. Are you familiar with the basics?

If not, there are quite a bit of sites out there that provide tutorials. for example w3schools, tizag, etc...

I also have a website that I've been developing that contains a collection of tutorials. With regard to web development, I have about 250 tutorials that you are free to use. You can take a look if you are interested: http://www.itgeared.com/topic-102/web/.

As you start to sharpen your skills by practicing, I'd suggest that you use this forum to ask questions about the trouble that you have understanding a concept, a problem with a block of code, etc...

both of you don't understand- I'm studying IT(Program systems),and it like homework or something...and yes you both rights, it's more likeable to do with coding, then boring stuff as copy -pasting the continents...

Sorry, it appears that I didnt understand your original post, and I do not understand your last response.

I'm sorry I think I am not understanding the question in the first post. Why don't you use HTML&CSS and JavaScript(if needed)?

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