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Learning PHP and other Programming languages.
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This thread is Fantastic and a lot of useful postings are here. Good Work, guys.

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Try this [website]( That guy does java programming tutorials and does some on networking and chat app. This might be useful for your project. By the way, I like the idea you've got.

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Hey everyone, I have posted a couple of threads looking for a plugin that gives some of the features of CakePHP if not all. However, the threads were going dead. I'm just looking for a good editor that is going to provide me an auto-completion code like HTML helpers, functions …

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I programmed in python last year and did not find it that useful. it's just my opinion. Well, the main issue with python is that how other people who do NOT have an interpreter (IDLE), would able to use programs made in python.

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Like James mentioned in the first post, suggest cool ideas for Java learners and show them what they can do by programming in Java. I gotta be honest with you here. I have heard this statement a lot 'You can do everything in Java'. Right. I get it. But what …

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I'd say just be yourself and show them what you know already because if you're affraid of the interview and you think you aren't prepared or haven't learnt the things you wanted to learn. there is a possiblity that you may fail it. Take it easy and treat it as …

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Or you can put a constraint on the field to restrict the input. In your case, you'd check if the input contains numbers, if yes. then it won't be inserted. [CODE]ALTER TABLE TableName ADD CONSTRAINT ConstraintName CHECK(YourField........ )[/CODE] Instead of the dots up there, you replace them with a function …

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Hi everyone, I consider myself as a java beginner because I haven't been involved in a lot of projects. I'm opening this thread to raise awareness that we don't have java projects thread primarily for beginners and it could help advanced java programmers in terms of practising their java knowledge. …

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Hey everyone, I have got a Sony laptop that stops working and starts showing me this line "Operating system not found" when booting up. I entered the BIOS to check out something after I tried re-installing Win7 but I discovered the internal hard disk not being recognised and it said …

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You could use ActionScript3 or Flash to create an AIR app which can run on iOS and android platforms without learning Objective-c or Java.

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Not that I have tried but it seems possible that you can modify the auto-increment number Have a look at this website [Click Here]( Alternatively, you could code the logic manually by increasing the id by one. For example, you're storing a first userID which normally starts as zero then …

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Hmmm, the question is why do you want to initialize your variables with empty values? How about trying this? 1- Separate your PHP file just for the sake of understanding what's going on in your scripts and different pages. 2- Putting the name of PHP file in the action attribute …

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My suggestion for the book that you should be reading (if you only want to learn Java from the basics and gradually advancing to higher levels) is Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel. It is really helpful n useful.

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How do you mean "my pc skips the boot from cd"? Press F10 or F5 when you restart the pc and see a black screen asking you a question on the bottom if you want to go to the BIOS screen.

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How would you like us to help you? We can give directions on how to solve the problem but we won't give the code. Do you have any code to show us?

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hi there, I'm experiencing a problem with the keyboard on my laptop. So what happens is that when I start typing really fast, the cursor goes somewhere else and doesn't stay at the end of a line. Any idea on how to fix this problem? Thanks

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I was told it's not a good practice to store images in a database because they take lots of space in the database? What is the best solution to that?

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@Jim.. it lasted for 29 yrs. Wow. That's really a long time. @ScarWars9 ... Good luck and let us know how you go and what it's like.

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Hi everyone, I've just installed ubuntu 10.10 LTS and it is giving me an error that it can't update packages because this version isn't supported anymore. Is there a way of fixing that? If not, I think I'm downgrading to ubuntu 10.4 which will be supported until April 2013. It …

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Try having a look at Windows.Forms.MessageBox. I am not sure if that is something you want. or you could always use the alert function in JavaScript.

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hhaha.. I like this thread. You're having "a huge problem" as you said. Did you install Ubuntu correctly? what version are you running? did you update your machine using update manager? or sudo apt-get update in the terminal

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I think you'd go with inheritance to solve the problem. Think of it this way, for example, you're implementing a vehicle and different types of it. You'd have a vehicle class that has the main functionality which is shared by different types such as trucks, cars and so on. In …

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Hi there, Welcome to Daniweb community. Of course, you'd be able to extend your knowledge of database systems. Always feel free to ask questions if you're struggling with something so that way you will get things explained to you and that will clear any confusion.

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Make sure you add the link to the CSS file. Show us your index page so we know what's exactly going wrong.

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1-Adobe kuler 2- Css thing which is part of Firebug. Jump on google and search for web development tools or web developer's tools and see what comes up.

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That doesn't give much info. How are they stored? where are they stored? are they stored in a database, text file or array? is that a website or something else? how much code have you got there? the solution might be as simeple as posting your code on here and …

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For operting systems other than windows including Mac OS and Linux, I would go with Monodevelop.

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Hmmmmm,If you want to get the avaerage of the inputs that you're getting from your users. 1- Loop through the inputs and store them in one variable by using += operator or `variable = variable + array[index] / array.Length.` I reckon you should catch exceptions like FormatException and other ones. …

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