I am trying to have a menu like this one on my website

Do you guys have an idea of what I can use to build a menu like this like a tutorial or anything. Also what's the proper name for menu like this.


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You can always take a lol at the source code of the page to get an idea of what is implemented. These vertical menus can be built using CSS alone by changing the display property on the style and pseudo style :hover.

There are also fancier ways to do it with JavaScript/jQuery.

Plenty of examples and tutorials online for vertical navigation menu.


This is the usual way of generating a horizontal menu in css :-


ul li{
display: inline-block;
list-style: none;
background: e5e5e5;
padding: 5px 10px;

This is just an example. If you want a vertical menu, eliminat the line that says '



you may either say


or simply leave it out completly!

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