Just bought a small flash music player for my "homemade" small business website and it works perfectly in the major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) except ...

In IE 6/7/8 it works till I click a photo on the same page for lightbox view, but then the player disappears. The music stays on or off according to last player selection but the player does not come back unless I refresh the page.

Wondering if there is a simple solution I just haven't been able to Google yet or if I'm looking at something more complex like a lightbox or swfobject upgrade. I'm not the greatest of coders but I did manage to find the parameter to keep the player from layering over the larger photos.

Page in question at http://www.ciaobellaphotos.com/ciaobellaphotos/index2.html

Thanks in advance for any help,
Dan M

Hi Again,

After having a day at the office to dwell on it, I decided that IE users who click the photo on the main page will be directed to a copy of the lightbox-page that has the music but not the player. Not the ideal solution, but better than leaving an issue like this exposed to potential photograph-clients...

Thanks to those who looked, Dan M

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