Hello everyone. A group of us who are into Battlefield 3 gaming have started a new clan/community to support the game and we are looking for someone to help with designing a basic but professional looking website for the group. We would like to run a vbulletin forum on that site as well. If any of you talented individuals think you'd be interested in this project please feel free to reach out to me. Would like to get this started within the next week or so the latest.

Thanks very much. Very nice community here at daniweb by the way.

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We would like to run a vbulletin forum on that site as well.

I would suggest not -- vBulletin forums are heavily spammed and you will spend 3/4 your time removing spam. But if you really want to go that route I have a vBulletin license I'm not using any more and will sell you for half price. Send me PM if you are interested. vBulletin isn't all that difficult to set up, most of it is pre-planning what you want the forums to contain. The really difficult part is customization so that it doesn't look like a vBulletin site. That was one reason Dani decided to use her own forum software and get rid of vBulletin (there were other reasons too).

We're open to suggestions on alternative solutions.

To be fair Vbulletin isn't bad if you use the right plugins to prevent spam etc. But then it becomes a nucience.

These spam bots search for Vbulletin code. So you're better off writing your own forum or using something open source.

Thanks and understood... but we aren't coders. We're just a group of guys who enjoy running around with cartoon soldiers shooting digital bullets at each other lol. So, we're hoping to find someone interested in working on this with/for us. We have also posted this on several freelance type sites as a web design type of project. So, hopefully we get some interest soon.

Thanks for all info though. Much appreciated

you realize vBulletin is not free??

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