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i apologize, i'm refering to the blue tab menu under the logo.

there is a gap between the links. Home | etc. | etc The " | " is a border style i set in css. If you hover over a link, it turns white, but u should see a small gap between the | and the white.

How would I fix it? or is there a better way to code what i did?


Since the link you have given is not working(404 Not Found) i didn't understand your problem well. But what i have understood till now through your text, i could say that padding and border-color may help you.


thanks for your concern. I think the main problem was that i was using a "list" to display the menu. I see that when you use list such as "ol" and "ul" it provides a little gap between words. Even if you do display "inline". I didn't know how to get rid of the gap, so I just made the margin # for "a:hover" negative, so when i covered over the menu item, it would cover up the gap. =) problem solved!

unless...you know of a better way to remove whitespace from ordered and unordered list?


nope, thank you though. i really appreciate it though. I looked at my code, and felt that that was not the best way to create something like that. So i rewrote it, and tried a different method and it came out perfect.

thanks again!

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