Hi to all,have a question,if i do radio buttons ,do i need to put  label around each
input and second -if need  to chnge the color of of the words after the input /> how will i do this?

    <label for="award_type" id="award_type">Award Type:</label>
??  <label ><input type="radio"name=" award_type" />Higher Certificate </label>
    <input type="radio"name=" award_type"/>Ordinary Degree
    <input type="radio"name=" award_type"/>Honours Degree
    <input type="radio"name="award_type"/>Masters
    <input type="radio"name=" award_type"/>Other(please specify)
    <input type="text"name=" award_type"/><br/>

You aren't required to use the label element. That's up to you. If you want to apply a color to the text, you can using CSS. For example, in your style sheet...

 label { color: red }

JorgeM, sorry to butt in but I thought that labels had to be used around any input to satisfy section 508?

sorry, thanks for the clarification. My response was related more from a technical perspective than from complying with a W3C standard/guideline.

In other words, I meant that a label is not required with regard to changing the color of the words after the input element as asked by arturLIT. I should have been more specific in my response.