With my responsive design and navigation almost working, I'm at one final dilemna and that's the navigation itself. On my website (or should I say my clients): http://turningheadssalons.com/index.html - when the navigation falls below the viewport of 750, the navigation dissapears. I can get it display when I remove the display: none function, but it's supposed to display a navigation menu icon and then populate it as a dropdown. It's also supposed to not overflow when the navigation is selected.
Any help is appreciated,

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Have a look at how twitter bootstrap does it. I'm not advocating TB at all, but they've got a nifty switch for small viewports. Perhaps if you rummage around the css/js? Just a thought.


Well, I'm able to get it to view now, but it still overflows.

So, what is the latest view? Do we need CSS/JS code? Just saying it overflows is a bit difficult to decipher.

It is pretty nice, I see nothing wrong with that ;-)

Yes, absolutely great for those of use who hate front-end stuff. Perhaps not great for the viewing public though ;)


Alright everyone, problem has been solved. The issue was in regards to the height was not set to auto when the screen was downsized, so naturally it would overflow. I'll be posting a tutorial about this on my webpage and I'll forward it here when it's done, but if anyone else has any other suggestions to tackle this, feel free to post them :)

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