Hi guyes,
Some days ago i have started the tutorial of html .On that lesson I have tell about the diferrence between static and dynamic website.Static website is a simple website,here not so many attributes are added,this has limitation to include more application as like the site Bangladeh4ever. On the other hand dynamic website has a lot of application ,a lot of attributes as like Facebook.

HTML is used to make static website and php is used to make dynamic website
I also discuss the basic code of html like


Now i will discuss how to save a html file

open your notepad

write the above code

write a text into the body section

as like

<body>Hello Everybody</body>

go to file menu

select save as option

save the file as index.html or the name you wishes but .html must be include.

open the file by your browser
your first file of html has completed

See you next class

Static websites are site that do not change much or have hard code content.. Dynamic sites are database driven websites or have dynamic varable content. Most dynamic sites have a content management system like wordpress, blogger.

Thanks shuvo but we have lots of tutorials out there to guide us. And i have entensively gone through them and most of us have had enough of em and i suggest you to go there instead of wasting you time and ours.
What we want to discuss here is real problems you are facing while u code.
Good luck.

This is a very helpful tutorial. Thanks for sharing it here. ^_^