This is probably a really dumb question but where does a video file get loaded into on a web hosting site? I made a video in Dreamweaver. Does the video go in the html folder, the images folder, should I create a video folder, or is there something else I should be doing to make the video show up? Thanks for any help.

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Does dreamweaver create videos? Mine doesn't - perhaps I need to upgrade.
Have you considered hosting with YouTube or Vimeo and just getting the embed code?
Hosting video yourself is not such a great idea. If you get a lot of concurrent plays, you could fall foul of you hosting limits.

Yes, I would also agree that you simply consider hosting your video with a site as the ones mentioned by diafol. Then on your website, you simply need to have an object that references back to the link on the hosted site.

If you really want to host a video within your web application, you can place it in any folder you wish. I would say that a folder called "videos" makes sense. In your HTML you simply reference back to the location of the video.

This overview may be of help to you: How to Play Videos in HTML

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