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I cannot figure out why I have a shadow around my image in IE and Opera. It's not a problem in Chrome, Apple, Firefox, Avant, Maxthon, Safari, etc. I've tried, outline, shadow, etc in an external stylesheet and directly inline.

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How can we work out the problem without being able to see the web page???

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<form action="reg-check.php" method="POST">

<input type="text" name="username" maxlength="25" minlength="8" placeholder="Username" /><br />
<p><input type="password" name="password" placeholder="Password" /></p>
<p><input type="password" name="password1" placeholder="Re-enter Password" /></p>
<p><input type="submit" name="submit" value="" /></p>

<!--[if !IE]><!-->
<b class="error"><?php if(isset($_GET['error'])){echo "<img src='m-images/error.png' width='15' height='15' /> ".$_GET['error'];} ?></b>
<b class="pos"><?php if(isset($_GET['pos'])){echo "<img src='m-images/check.png' width='15' height='15' /> ".$_GET['pos'];} ?></b>

<!--[if IE]>
<b style="font-size:14px;font-family:arial;color:red;padding:5px;"><?php if(isset($_GET['error'])){echo "<img src='m-images/error.png' width='15' height='15' /> ".$_GET['error'];} ?></b>
<b style="font-size:14px;font-family:arial;color:green;padding:5px;"><?php if(isset($_GET['pos'])){echo "<img src='m-images/check.png' width='15' height='15' /> ".$_GET['pos'];} ?></b>


Not all browsers render the same. I've experienced this type of issues before with .png image files.

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JorgeM, so you think maybe using a jpeg image will solve this issue? Or possibly a gif?

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Never mind. I forgot all about font awesome. Makes life easier, I say.

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