I am having horrible formatting issues on the displayed page. I am trying to develop a template page that can be lunched from a link. This template page will contain the automated formatting to display the entire contents, of a "suppliers" website; while keeping the user within our site. I would like this page to be able to recall data from the link's id to replace the url each time... so that the tempate is reusable for any domain. I have tried to make the "Home" link take user back to default page... with no luck... it just sits there. The url to th main page is rimfirelive.com/seis/ and the page i am attempting to develop is rimfirelive.com/seis/kuriyama.html

I am thinking a CSS will work along with JS. Just need help on all of it ;)

THank you in advance for any asistance!

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I appreciate the effort. I am still having problems. I have tried so many different ways to make this link happen. No Luck! It appears to be pointing in the right direction... but will not "launch" or "initiate". Also, I need to find a way to replace the "iFRAME" src on this page dynamically to match the "link to" from which this page is launched on the index.html page, so that it (vendor.html) displays the appropriate, correct url, source html. Then finally, how to make the "height" of this iFRAME automatically adjust to the src height. I know, i don't ask much right ;)

the "vendor.html" file has changed to "vendor.php"

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