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hi so im working on this school project (developing a website), im not be best front end designer and was hoping if you could all give me feedback on the design, colours and layout in order for improvement, i would really appreciate this thanks


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Nothing wrong with it. Simple. Maybe you could add some more details :).

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thanks for your feedback

Hey roxanne,

I think you should add some more Pics. It still looks great.

This post should be in the 'website review' section.

But as you're here, I'll just say that you have a simple grounding for what looks like a very simple theme. Try styling your forms and buttons to give some flavour to your page. Maybe something like Bootstrap?

where content the application that doing feedback ?

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Hosting your site remotely could give people access to your current iteration. Using cutouts like this doesn't give critics much to go on. In addition styling is not static - there are interactive elements in these pages - we can't see how these work - e.g. hover colours for links.

You could also benefit from a contributor having a look at your performance and css via their web browser inspect tools.

With regard to Bootstrap - it's great for getting a site up quickly, but it has meant that there are thousands of similar looking sites plastered all over the web. If part of your brief is to be original and to concentrate on design, then Twitter Bootstrap has great ideas, but please don't produce just another clone.

A few things though:

the word 'you' on the sign up form should be 'your'
the top navigation is not centered vertically in the strip - this looks more pronounced due to the use of separator pipes.
It's not clear how 'responsive' this site would be on a smaller screen - the form looks as though it may be in a table, although I may be wrong. Tables don't scale well and may protrude beyond the width of the page on smaller screen - which looks really unprofessional. The use of css to control layout and possibly the use of CSS media queries with break points should ensure an decent layout at most resolutions.

Your designs are all good, simple but clear. Just one more suggestion, I think you can add more contents or descriotion to your designs to make them look more professional.

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