Every time when I design a website I say who cares about IE , but that's not a professional way to design
so I need help in making my design comaptible with all browsers
this design in chrom and firefox

but in IE its looks like


full code for the page I cannot embed because its too long
so visit this site to see it live


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It looks fine in IE10.
There are lots of CSS hacks to fix most of the 'inconsistencies' of previous versions of IE. If you do a search for ie css hacks you'll find a host of possibilities.
You may want to decide which previous version of IE you want your sites to be viewable on as each version seems to need it's own hacks.

its working on IE 10 but its lack somtimes :(, hope I find an easy way to solve this

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I had a look at your CSS file and you are using lots of CSS3 properties.
The spacing isue you have is because you are using:

-moz-column-count:5; /* Firefox */
-webkit-column-count:5; /* Safari and Chrome */

Looking at the property description on W3Schools (they do still have some usefull info) it shows the browser compatibility.

Note: The column-count property is not supported in Internet Explorer 9 and earlier versions.

WAW thats great to know thanks to inform this.I'll try to find alternative solution for IE .

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