I just noticed that Yahoo's homepage redesign frames nicely at 1024px. I grabbed a screen shot and it appears that the width is 952px (give or take a pixel)

Good to see that one of the big-dogs has taken a step-up to 1024.

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Makes me feel better that I have daniweb set up to be optimized for 1024x768.

CNN.com dis this recently as well. Made me feel better about switching my homepage to a 950px width design. But I did leave my inner pages at 750px as there are still too many 800x600 users out there.

Super! Thanks for the post. Now I have another big site to reference when I discuss design with my clients.

Im glad 800 x 600 is on the way out because it feels so bulky. Even so a lot of people are using 800 x 600 and you know you cant please everyone but you still have to try :)

This past Friday I meet with a client for a site redesign. We were looking at websites on her 17 inch flat screen. Her monitor was set at 800x600. I'm guessing that she was at least +55 year of age... so it's a saft bet that men and women 5) and older comprise a large segment of users who view at 800 x 600 because of eye strain. I guess it comes down to designing for the client in this case.


Why not design the page so it scales to most resolutions well? I've got a monitor for my file server/secondary computer that's capable of only 640x480.

I have Netscape set up so it only shows what a 640x480 screen would show and try to check my site design over on it before I release it to the real world.

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