It is surprising that so many pages from professional companies are invalid!

For example, GOOGLE is not valid HTML 4.0.1 Tramsitional, and a DOCTYPE fallback comes into effect because they haven't correctly coded their page.


Can anyone else find any like this??

PS my website isn't because I am working on repairing it at the moment ! :lol:

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Who cares about the W3 Standars? Geeks who have nothing better to do with their time...

I'm being very serious here, follow the W3 Standards, but do not believe it to be the word of god.

I could spend a few months aruging, but the fact is, if your website, looks and works the same in every browser, It wouldn't matter if you had millions of errors.


You know I agree with Zachery fully, but unfortunately my job required that all our pages pass the W3c validator and I tell you, I wish I had too much time on my hands.

My big problem right now is a PHP site that calls a header page as an include which contains <HTML>, <head><body> tags

as does the content of the page also has <HTML><head> and <body> tags. Validating seems impossible at this point.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of thing, were a php page combines multiple html pages?

Any insight or clues would be greatly appreciated.

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Code to standard from the ground up dottomm, enless your using an off the shelf cms, then you deserve the headaches you are getting rather than getting it done properly in the first place.

source forge is not vaild, and some of the w3c pages are not either.

I think google is not valid to save bandwidth, they know it will work in all browsers so why have the extra few bytes. It's viewed by billions of people, that translates into terrabytes of bandwidth and thats not cheap.

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