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I am looking to start taking courses again in HTML5 and CSS3 with the goal of obtaining employment. I will be building my portfolio and studying quite a bit on my own via Lynda.com, but I am very curious as to what the most respected online course cirtifications are. Any advice on how to best prepare myself for the job market is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read and or respond.


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http://www.w3schools.com/ are probably the best, and their certifications are well renouned. This will look really good if you have one or two of these under your belt.

Good luck!


I'd agree that w3schools is a great place to start because it will get you up and going very quickly since their tutorials are short and easy. However, I'm not too sure that I'd depend on them for anything other than an introduction.

I'm not a web developer by trade so I'm not familiar with the value of their certifications, but I've never heard or seen anyone with a certification from w3schools. You may want to do more research before you decide to spend some money investing in a certification.

I think a potential employer would be most interested in your portfolio which shows your best work rather than certifications.

I'm not a web developer by trade

Yet you have an awesome site with loads of useful web design stuff on it!

I think a potential employer would be most interested in your portfolio which shows your best work rather than certifications.

Definately! Portfolio and have a history of decent clients is absolutely everything, certifications make little difference in web design. Everything is based on how good you are and what you can actually do.

Offline courses would be seen as more reputable however as others have mentioned, if you continue to build up a strong portfolio of work which are completed in a timely manner and to a high standard for your client, that would be a step in the right direction.

There may be someone who has certifications but no/few samples of work and someone who has less certifications but a large portfolio. It depends on what the employer is prepared to take a risk on.

I hope this doesn't sound redundant, but W3Schools.com, as far as a resource for learning what you mentioned quickly, is the best I've found. They do have certifications, but I've never heard anybody mention them, either good or bad, so I can't speak to their repute or their respect amongst hiring managers. I am a web developer and this is my goto (shame on me for using goto) web site for all things web when I need a quick reference with examples. I also use it for SQL quick reference.

Thank You!! for taking the time to respond. Much appreciated

Definetly use w3. Also useadvanced html guideThey have a ton of useful code that I have foud useful

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