Help, however I try to add background image in joomla article, when i run it i only get one row of the image. What I want is to add a full image 600px wide 800px high but as display i get just one row of the image, I dont intend to add text more than 1 row but i want a full image as background there. Thanks !

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Um, screenshot? Are you saying you have specified an image that is 600x800px but you can only see one text row worth of the image?
That would imply the div is only the size of the text row, not the size of the image. if you're familar with chrome developer tools you could inspect the element to see what was going wrong.

yep that s right i have specified an immage as background-image that is 600x800 but i can only see one text row worth of the image

A background image will be cropped by the actual height/width of the div it is in. if you wanted to see the full image the div would need to have a height and width specified of 800x600. background images don't imply their size on their container

I set the width and high in the css file with #name of the div but the result is 1 row visible

post up some code, I'm flying blind here

based on what i have read, we are just guessing what we are doing. LONGWAY, put your code up so we can help you find an answer asap rather than us play minesweeper and try to guess what the problem is...

<div id="namediv" style="background-image: url('images/name.jpg'); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: scroll; width: 600px; height: 800px; position: static; visibility: visible; overflow: scroll;">

This is my last try


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