Hello, I'm trying to put into my web page the E2 photo gallery (google E2) and place it within a box on my web page (this box is in a style sheet) Now the author told me all I have to do is change the absolute positioning of the style which belongs to the E2 photo gallery. There are two problems happening first off when I import the style sheets that come along with this add-on they completly take over my web page style, second I tried to put the E2 style in a layer this does not seem to work either. If anyone could please help me to get this to work I would appreciate it alot.

Thank You

The only way to keep the stylesheet from taking over your page is to use inline styles, or classes with your own stylesheet, on the parts of your page it takes over.

did you happen to see the gallery page on how it works ? So I can't put it in a layer ? I must use inline styles or classes and then do absolute positioning ? There is one problem I can't seem to see it, to do absolute position to it. I don't know if this thread supports a program like DW but I am using that at the moment.