Hello, so I'm completely re-designing and updating files on the website, but the problem is, that everytime I change e.g. index.html file the website stays the same. I think that it has something to do with the browser's cache. It happens more often on Firefox, but I just hit ctrl+f5 and I'm refreshed, but I don't want to tell visitors "So yeah, just hit ctrl f5 everytime and you're good". Is there a simple way to refresh or update the site instead of renaming all files or changing domain etc. I'm really desperate at this point, I still have tons of pages to re-do, but if I will be the only one, who could see the changes, that will be sad. Thanks in advance.

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Are you sending caching headers? You can check in the Net/Network panel of your browser dev tools when you view the site...

I don't know.. Do I have to add some block of code to each file to prevent cache(ing)?

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