Is there any code within CSS that allows me to have SHADOW around the "border-left" and "border-right" ???

Example of it can be seen from:

Is it not possible to merely create one more "div" (such as "centerContentShadow") & have it in the background of the "centerContent". I was hoping to create a shadow in Fireworks (using gradient) & then adjust the width of the shadow in the way that shadow ONLY appears in the "border-left" and "border-right" of the "centerContent" ???

My related CSS code could be seen as:


	border-left:1px solid #999999;
	border-right:1px solid #999999;

The HTML code would be (displaying BOTh "div"):

<div id="centerContentShadow">
<div id="centerContent">

My website itself can be seen at: (the only link I've uploaded, at the moment)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, since the background is WHITE, so it looks rather deadly, at the moment & hopefully, having shadow would jazz it up a bit.