Hello to all you wonderful folks who have helped me in so many ways (i wish there was a face with its lips puckered)

Anyway, I'm trying to insert a company logo that was created in Photoshop into a datasheet created in CorelDRAW 12, but no matter what format I save the Photoshop file in, it looks like crap when I import it into my CorelDRAW workspace! Why can't this be simple? What the heck do I need to do?

I've got a book on the way that will hopefuly help me, but I'm the impatient type. Can someone help? I'll stay up all night if I have to!!!

Thanks in advance.

If you only just want the logo to be use/inserted into your coreldraw file, make sure you have exported it in high resolution from photoshop. Check the dimensions of your logo in photoshop, maybe it is smaller than your coreldraw design. You should consider the dimensions because bitmap files (like jpeg.bmp,gif) when stretched or resize into bigger scale looks awkward, pixelated, but if you use exact size that fit your design in corel, you may achieve better result.

It is also possible to place photoshop file directly to corel, just make sure you have the right dimension to have better result.

One more thing, vectors(like your corel file) and bitmaps(like your photoshop files, jpg, etc) rendered differently, bitmap losses quality when stretch while vector image do not change in structure and appearance.

Try Corel PhotoPaint (included with Corel Draw). It has capabilities to resample the image with low loss.

If you want to see your logo in coral draw make sure you have exported it in high resolution from photo shop.

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