There is a file created in one of Adobe programs. The file was damaged and in the native program doesn't open. Extension of the *.indd file.
In attempt to open writes: "file ... is damaged (Error code: 4)".
Thus without problems it is copied anywhere.
The file was lying quietly on the disk a few months after finishing work with him and manufacturing PDF. And here suddenly it was required to change a source code. And it doesn't open.
Whether it is possible to restore somehow, even if with loss of some part of data?

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If the file is corrupt you'll probably have a hard time trying to recover the contents. That's why it's important to keep backup copies :-)

In the unlikely event you don't have a backup, try looking for a temporary file. Sometimes applications will create such files while a document is open and delete them when finished. It's just possible a temporary file may still exist, especially if the fault that caused the corruption also terminated the application unexpectedly.

Which operating system are you using?

If it was good, it would not break. There is, of course, a virus probability and almost zero probability of an undetected error of reading from a disk. Try to remove/transfer the folder: \Documents and Settings.......\Application Data\Adobe\InDesign Your Version Adobe
Then try to open the file.
You can look still at this forum. Maybe you will find useful recommendations.

What version of InDesign are you using to open the file, old files show as corrupt in newer versions

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