Hello i want to show font on an image. Now, the image could be whatever a user uploads- that means white of black background. The font is not looking good. I want to try out something that will look clear on both on dark or light background. I put text shadow on it but the font is not clear. It doesnt looks good. I shared a photo of the problem

I think you're going to have a very hard time finding a font color that will be okay on backgrounds that are near-white, black, and any color inbetween. What I would recommend is to have the user specify if they want a light font or a dark font at the same time as they upload the image of their choosing. There might be some third-party APIs that detect the color palette of an image, and then you can select a font that complements that color palette. Something like this might help.

Dani's link looks great. I want to share something from an industry I worked as an engineer in for years.

Look at the date and time stamp as it changes from white to black at this link:

Took me a few passes before I figured out why. Neat feature.

I wish i knew about it

commented: I’m procrastinating learning Sass as well. +16
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